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The promise of a luxury vehicle includes a high degree of quality. That means our customers expect the best in terms of performance, comfort, style, and reliability. Seeing as our customers expect the best, we aim to provide the best both in terms of our product as well as our many automotive services. All luxury and exotic vehicles available at Jake's Motorcars are thoroughly tested and maintained at a high-quality until a vehicle purchase or lease. Furthermore, we offer superior automotive service focused exclusively on high-end models to meet the wants and needs of our customers.


One of our key features here at Jake's Motorcars is vehicle delivery. Jake's Motorcars doesn’t just deliver within the area of San Diego, CA. For drivers looking to shop for luxury or exotic model all over the world, we assist customers with shipping vehicles all over the USA, including Hawaii, and beyond to Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.


“Our mission at Jake's Motorcars is to provide you with an exceptional customer service experience. From picking out the perfect vehicle to match your needs, to delivery at your doorstep, members of our friendly staff are here to assist you.”

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Vehicle Financing

Luxury and exotic models are expensive, but that doesn’t mean they’re out of your reach. Not only are the pre-owned models at Jake's Motorcars offered at a discounted price without any sacrifice in terms of quality, but our finance department is here to assist customers in making the right financial decisions for their future. Through experience with banks and credit unions, Jake's Motorcars offers financial counseling, online credit application, trade evaluation, and more in addition to rotating vehicle specials. We implore any driver looking to make smart decisions when shopping for a high-end vehicle model to contact us for more information.

5-Star Service Center

The service technicians at Jake's Motorcars are trained to work exclusively on luxury, exotic, and high-end models, giving them the proper experience and expertise to work on any vehicle sold at the Jake's Motorcars dealership. Whether you're a returning customer who needs a checkup, repair, or upgrade on their purchase, or are a first-time customer to the Jake's Motorcars dealership, your vehicle is in good hands.

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